Mission Statement

The Vision Statement

Living the Real Presence of Christ at St. Thomas More Parish School.
Formation in Catholic Traditions
Academic Excellence
Teachers of mind, body and soul
Heralding God’s Love in Service to Others

The Mission Statement

The mission of St. Thomas More Parish School is to provide for our community affordable access to quality education opportunities, both spiritually and academically, within a loving Catholic Christian environment.

The principles we are committed to are:

To develop within students a deep understanding and love of their Catholic faith and the Christian principles and practices upon which it is based.
This faith will be celebrated through prayer and liturgical participation.
To provide excellence in academics, physical education and the arts.
To develop within each student a positive self image and a sense of personal responsibility.
To instill within our students a conviction that they are members of a loving, supportive Christian Community and an awareness of the responsibilities and duties that membership requires.
To help students to respect and appreciate one another’s ethnic diversity, differing learning styles and special learning needs.
Parents, parish members, teachers and students will share the responsibility for this loving and rewarding task.