NCEA Accreditation

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Accreditation of a school is a two year process in which the school examines student learning, creates goals for further school improvement, and has the information validated by a visiting team and a reading committee. Our staff completed all the work required by the self-study and hosted a knowledgeable visiting team of six educators for three days in March 2012. STM was buzzing!! The three days were full of classroom observations, meetings with students, staff, parents and parish members. The team also did an examination of the evidence in support of student learning. The team indicated that STM is an exemplary school! They were very impressed with the Speech Program, Study Skills Curriculum, Math Fluency Program, Classroom Stewardship Projects, the Budget Process, and more. Their highest praise went to our students who were confident, respectful, well mannered and articulate about what they like about their school and even offered suggestions on what could be different at St. Thomas More Parish School. The Visiting Committee commended the entire STM organization for working together to make our school a loving, caring and learning environment. The team found their three days professionally rich and personally rewarding. They experienced a community where everyone is striving to provide a Catholic environment where quality education is a priority. Our self-study, goals and the visiting team report were read by the WCEA committee and received final approval. We will be granted a term of Accreditation of 2012 to 2018.

Accreditation Goals 2012-18

Goal #1: Increasing student learning for all students by increasing instructional strategies, resources and assessments for all students to do authentic and meaningful work.

Goal #2: Increase student learning for all students by increasing opportunities for support of individual students through formation of a school guidance team.

Goal #3: Improve Math by further exploring trends specific within Math subtests that are in need of improvement.