Schoolwide Learning Expectations

A  Saint Thomas More student is:

An Active Christian Who:

  • Experiences a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Expresses and applies one’s faith.
  • Understands and applies Catholic teaching.
  • Lives the call to stewardship, sharing God’s unconditional love.

cross picture

A Community Participant Who:

  • Engages in active membership within (of) the community.
  • Respects and values the diversity and dignity of each member of the community.
  • Identifies the importance of service to and from the community.

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A Self-confident and Loving Individual Who:

  • Values self and others.
  • Knows and shares one’s own gifts and strengths.
  • Shows initiative to explore new things.
  • Exhibits healthy spiritual, social, and physical behaviors.

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An Independent Thinker Who:

  • Solves problems and makes decisions by accessing prior knowledge, utilizing inquiry, and applying critical thinking strategies.
  • Sets goals and effectively prioritizes them.
  • Applies study skills and manages time while engaged in learning endeavors.

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A Life-long Learner Who:

  • Demonstrates a strong foundation in the basic skills of all core-curricular subjects.
  • Demonstrates a strong foundation in the basic skills of specialist subjects.
  • Works to continually advance academic performance.
  • Independently seeks information to enhance interests and knowledge.
  • Is academically prepared to transition from one grade level to the next and will be ready for high school and beyond.


A Communicator Who:

  • Writes well-supported thoughts and ideas in a clear, organized, creative manner.
  • Speaks confidently and with poise.
  • Listens attentively and critically.
  • Responds to others with respect.

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