Extra Curricular Activities

Lego League

(Jr. Lego League) Avid lego enthusiasts ages 6 to 9 work in a team to create a machine relating to a given theme using Legos and a one directional motor. Students meet once a week after school. Projects are demonstrated at regional Expo at the end of the season. Nov 10th.

(First Lego League) Students ages 9 to 14 build and program a MindStorms Lego robot to navigate an obstacle course independently. Students meet once a week after school. Students may meet more often the closer it is to the competition. Projects are presented at a regional competition at the end of the season at the local high school.


Coaches – Help guide the students to decide on project relating to the theme of the year. Assist to troubleshoot issues when students get stuck on technical aspects of project. Assist with research on project related to theme.

Parent Coach Assistants – Help focus students on project as it is being built and programmed. Assist with creating presentation for Expo/competition at end of season


Students in 5th through 8th grades can participate in a beginning or advanced School Band. 4th Graders join beginning band in January.The children select from a number of wind, brass and percussion instruments. Classes are taught twice a week, either before or after regular school hours. Performances include participating in the school’s Christmas and Spring programs, along with a number of other school/community events held throughout the year.


Kindergarten through 8th grade students can participate in the Chess Club. Students meet weekly to play games against each other and to learn new skills. The children are divided into small, supervised groups according to skill level: beginner, intermediate I and II and advanced. Twice a year, an in-house tournament is held to allow the players to challenge each other to championship games. All children receive recognition for their achievements. Many players enjoy attending off-campus tournaments as well, and some have ascended to the state tournament level. Our goal is to promote a love of the game as well as to develop logic and problem solving skills. The participants have fun playing games while developing great skills that will be used both at school and in their future


The Choir at St. Thomas More is open to all students in 2nd through 8th grades. There are two choirs Voice of the Phoenix meets during the lunch hour for 30 minutes. The Bella Voce is an audition choir that meets after school between 3 and 4PM. Performances include school concerts (Christmas, Spring, and the Catholic Schools Week Mass), as well as selected school assemblies and other community events throughout the year

CYO Sports

STMS students are involved and having a lot of fun participating in a variety of CYO sports. CYO Sports is sponsored by St. Thomas More Parish. Brad Holmes, Parishioner, can be reached at bradleybhomes@gmail.com. The sports we have participated in are basketball, volleyball and baseball soccer and track.


Students at all grade levels have the opportunity to flex their creativity in an after-school Drama Program. Volunteers lead the groups in choosing, rehearsing, and producing skits which are performed in a variety of venues. Students in the primary grades act out stories and fables which have moral lessons. Older students delve into classics such as “Narnia” and “Beauty and the Beast”, while other groups keep us laughing with comedic spoofs.. The children spend several weeks in training, then present the play to a parish wide audience. Students learn to work together and respect each other’s ideas. Children who have never had an opportunity to shine in other arenas can display their own special gifts given to them by God

Speech Team

Speech Team is open to all 6th through 8th grade students. Practice is held after school from 3:00-4:00 once a week through mid-January. Speech coaches assist and guide you in the preparation of your speech. They will hear your speech before you attend a tournament. You are encouraged to attend as many practices as you can to get feedback.
There are typically three tournaments during the speech season. The Blanchet Speech Tournament in December, the Seattle Prep in January, and the Eastside Catholic tournament in January. Each school provides parents to be judges at tournaments.
STM is known for its outstanding Speech Program.

Mock Trial

Mock trial is an academic competition where students role play attorneys and witnesses in a trial setting. Teams are given a case/fact pattern to work from. Students work together with a coach and hopefully an parent attorney coach to research, write, practice, and perform their own speeches and examinations. This culminates in a full trial against another school, adding an exciting impromptu element to the activity.

Mock trial helps the students think on their feet, work as a team, argue persuasively, develop acting skills, and develop a professional respect for an opponent.