Behold Your Mother

Each year STM selects a Stewardship Theme that increases student’s knowledge of their Catholic faith and moves them toward service. This year our theme is “Behold Your Mother” from the Gospel of St. John. The phrase in itself conveys a devotion and reverence towards Mary, not only as Jesus’s mother, but as our mother as well.

Yet upon further understanding of the phrase, it also conveys a sense of service or call to action as Catholics and followers of Jesus Christ. In Baptism we accept our position within the “family” of God. We are members of the family of God; mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. With Mary, our Mother, we are a part of the eternal communion with Jesus. Mary is on a mission to bring the world to her Son, the Savior Jesus Christ, by modeling for us the “family” of God.

Mary’s importance in our lives and that of the Church rests with our personal understanding of how to bring Jesus to the world, to expand the family of the Church. Jesus wants all men and women to be in the “family circle” of God. Mary, the first Evangelist, is bringing the whole world to His Body, the Church. (Thus welcome to know the Trinity.)

This year students will be called to action to show love and commitment to others because we are one body, one bread, one family. Students will do this in many ways from sharing their gifts and talents to completing acts of service. This call to action will proclaim the love of God by modeling kindness, forgiveness, helpfulness, joyfulness not only to the world but to our community too!