Chocolate Sale

The chocolate sale takes place in early spring (March) typically ending before Easter break. Out of necessity this sale is on a preorder basis, so if you choose to participate in the chocolate sale you many not change your mind once your pre-order has been placed. Those families who do participate will be given forms and information to sell the chocolate and collect payment from their customers. There will be 2 weeks in which to collect your orders and payment before turning your orders and payments in. The chair will then order enough chocolate to fill the orders. Once the school’s order is placed with our distributor, it will take approximately 3 weeks for the chocolate to be delivered, sorted and distributed back to the school families. There may be additional chocolate to sell in the event you wish to do so. We currently have a wide offering of items for sale including solid chocolate bunnies, chocolate almond bars, chocolate crisp bars, caramels, mints, chocolate covered almonds and raisins, and peanut butter cups. The chocolate sale has a 50% profit margin, so for every $100 in sales there is $50 in profit.