At STM the Development Office gears up for an important activity; growing our yearly Endowment Fund – SEED (Seeking Excellent Educational Development). Calling our endowment fund SEED represents an educator’s work and a student’s learning, growing & blooming in order to share their time and talents. As Archbishop Oscar Romero said, “We plant the seeds that one day will grow. We water seeds already planted, knowing that they hold future promise.”

The first seeds of our endowment fund were planted in 1996. The value of our fund has grown, but various as the economy goes up and down. As of December 2015, our balance was at $903,349. To reap the rewards of its fruit we need you!! We also reach out to families who receive matching funds from their employers to support SEED. This fund is the gift that keeps on giving. In 1996 the Long Range Plan goal was set to raise 2 million dollars so funds could be used to offset rising cost of tuition. Your annual giving of $1.00 to $5,000 will help this fund grow & continue to keep a Catholic education accessible to families who choose a Catholic education for their children. It is also tax deductible! Please consider giving to SEED. If your company matches funds, please indicate that so we can maximize your contribution. Questions, please contact Sharon Fox at 425-743-4242 or sharon.fox@stms.org

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