Other Fundraisers

Other school fundraisers that don’t credit your family fundraising obligation, but still help our school:

Box Tops for Education
Collect Box Top for Education coupons from General Mills, Pillsbury, and Betty Crocker products  and turn them in to the school office.

Labels for Education
Collect Campbells Soup labels and UPC’s from Pepperidge Farm products and turn them in to the school office.

Printer Cartridges
Bring in your used printer cartridges, deposit them in the school office’s box witha green top, and help raise money for the school.

Target’s “Take Charge of Education”
If you have a Target credit card, you can enroll in their program that gives money back to schools of your choice. See Target.com/Education.

Coke Rewards
MyCokeRewards is a school program in which schools can save points to earn school supplies and equipment. Coke points can be found on any Coke product and they can be entered at www.mycokerewards.com. Once entered, just donate them to STMS under the school donation tab on their website! You can also donate your Coke Product cap lids to the school. When enough points are tallied/recorded, the school shops from the Coke Rewards Catalog for things like PE equipment, recess games, Legos and various other fun items offered.