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St Thomas More School

Living the Real Presence of Christ


The students at St. Thomas More School have access to desktops available for use in the Computer Lab.  Each classroom has at least two computer workstations.  The students also have access to a laptop cart that are utilized by the teachers to enhance in their classrooms.  Each grade utilizes the computers to further enhance the classroom learning experience with the use of interactive whiteboards in all the classrooms.

The following software is available for students at St. Thomas More:

  • Accelerated Reader: Grades Kindergarten through 8th grade students read a book and then take quizzes on the book.  Students in grades 3rd through 8th grade are responsible for reading and reaching a certain number of books at each level.
  • MAP’s: Measures of Academic Progress – Grades 1st through 8th grade are assessed in Math, Science, Reading, and Language Arts administered 2 times per school year.
  • TechnoKids:  All grades
  • TypingClub!
  • Microsoft Office Products: All grades
  • Destiny: All grades