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St Thomas More School

Living the Real Presence of Christ

Tuition And Fees

Pricing & Fees at  Saint Thomas More Parish School 

Living the Real Presence of Christ 

2023-2024 Tuition: Parish Families 

  • 1 child $8,040 per year 
  • 2 children $14,070per year 
  • 3 children $18,090 per year 
  • 4 children $21,310per year 

Non-Parish Families: $10,708 per student per year 

Registration Fee: $225 per family (NON – REFUNDABLE) 

Technology Fee: $225 per family, may be paid in one lump sum due at August payment 

Book Fee: $125 per student 

Middle School Fee: $125 per student. This applies to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. 

Fundraising: $700 commitment per year (In Parish ONLY) 

Auction: $250 commitment per year, an additional $75 will be billed if not received in office 2 weeks prior to the auction. 

Late Payment will incur a $30 charge per occurrence 

Stewardship Hours:  

All families will contribute 40 Stewardship (volunteer) hours of service to the school; includes 4 hours to be contributed to the auction. $25 per hour will be billed for any hours not served. 

Contributing Parish Members:  

In order to be eligible for the in-parish tuition rate, parents are required to participate in the Stewardship Program (Sacrificial Giving). 

At the time of registration for new students, we will need the following: 

  1. Copy of student’s birth certificate 
  1. Copy of student’s baptism certificate (If student was NOT baptized at STMP) 
  1. Immunization Record 

Open Enrollment for K-8 begins in March. For more information, contact  

Mrs. Heather Anderson at