St. Thomas More Parish School is a Catholic Elementary School located in Lynnwood, Washington. Its ministry is to provide a quality education, both spiritually and academically, for all students attending our school. Through prayer, liturgies and service we lead children to an awareness of the Gospel message and encourage them to live it out in their lives. We strive to bring children to a personal relationship with Christ.

St. Thomas More Parish School has a tradition of high academic standards. We believe that each student can succeed with the unique and special gifts they have received from God. We offer a curriculum which brings a diverse and rich experience to each child.

True to the tradition of Catholic Education we believe that children should obtain a solid foundation in basic skills. Nevertheless, at the turn of this millennium, we would be doing an injustice to our students if they were not trained to meet the challenges of an age where quality thinking skills and adaptability are essential.

Added to the teaching of science and computer skills, we maintain a strong tradition of liberal arts including: drama, music and the arts. These educational activities are strengthened by strong Christian community within our school. The students are happy, in a secure place where they can thrive, develop and feel they belong. We also offer support to the parents, as they are the primary educators of their children.

For Admission to St. Thomas More Parish School, please refer to the Admission Process.